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Dukaan (2021-ongoing)

Installation, all elements can be downloaded below

Dukaan is a project that explores the relationship between consumer cultures, advertising, capitalism, and the nation state at large. Taking India as a focus point, I explore the financial links between corporations and the government in power.

This was part of the group exhibition,  if you draw a _____ it could be the ground,
SMFA Senior Thesis Show 2022

Using screenprints, I made a graphic wall of posters. What becomes nothing more than visual detritus in the city, the backdrop of chaos, is highlighted in the gallery by being juxtaposed with the clean white walls.

I further explore the fascism of the ruling state and think of new laws introduced by them as newspaper clickbait titles, the names fool you by insinuating a protection of rights, but when you read the fine print you realise they are doing the opposite.

I use the nostalgia of old advertisments, their ability to bring a viewer closer to the work, to critique and highlight some statements and decisions made by the government.

I appropriate product packaging from  corporations and flip them on their head by using them to question the state. The packaging invokes a sense of nostalgia in the viewer, drawing them to it. The content of the packaging then tells them how this product is entangled in the BJP’s fascist mission of making India a Hindu State.

I created a newspaper that acted as a timeline of various landmark laws and decisions that have asserted the fascist rule in India. 

Download the Elements here  
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