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Siddhant Talwar

Siddhant Talwar is a twenty-one-year-old artist, designer and organizer. His work deals with issues around identity, his sense of self and his relationships with those around him. Talwar is really interested in digital cultures and their effects on personal and political spheres, especially those dealing with sexuality and gender. He co-founded Mardaangi, an annual project highlighting different issues that male identifying individuals face. Mardaangi tries to address toxic masculinity and help male victims of sexual assault who have no legal provisions in India. The organisation has also pivoted to an helping people with sex education, resource collation and documentation. His work beyond that focuses on communication, design and writing. He has created content for companies like Instagram, Etsy, Tufts University and has written for publications too.

He is currently a Junior in the Dual-Degree program within School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts university, pursuing a BFA in Studio Art and a BA in New Media and Society.

He has exhibited at Tisch Library (2020), Polykhroma (2020), School of the Museum of Fine Arts (2020, 2019) and RSM Gallery (2018)

His work has been collected by The W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Library, Tisch Library and Ed Kinsella (Private Collection)

Press :
The Citizen,
W magazine,
Vogue Italia.

Download Siddhant’s resume here
Download Siddhant’s art CV here

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