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Project Ekta

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Project Ekta

Social Justice Cooperative

Project Ekta is a social justice co-operative. From organizers on the ground to creatives online, our collective includes artists, activists, programmers, and others from South-Asia and the South-Asian diaspora who have helped lay the groundwork for global solidarity, transnational networks, and borderless collaboration to resist the fascist and surveillance state many of us call home.

Project Ekta is a social justice art project that is rooted in design. Because social media presence is such an important factor during Covid, I ensured that our design popped an demanded the viewers attention. We also wanted to move away from corporate design practices, so we made our designs varied and connected them only with the type of typefaces.

In 2020 alone, we made a line of tote bags that we used to fundraise for Covid Relief and help the farmers protest. We also raised money by collaborating with the cast of Indian Matchmaking and Dil Mil. We also started managing a Covid hospital wing. Most of this work was done in collaboration with the Punjab Club and DWYA.

In total we fundraised over $20,000 over the span of less than 5 months.

While making the logos I wanted Ekta to be a clear message, meaning unity in hindi. I also made a Devnagri logotype that we could use interchangably. I was inspired by Indian typefaces like Modak, which I used and edited lightly here. 

Part of our collective effort is co-liberation because we believe that all of our struggles are intimately connected. Therefore, rather than waiting to make a certain amount of money or gain status to put our values in action, we choose to embody them in every day practices.

I made sure the design is varied but still inviting. We completely changed color pallets with almost every post we did. 

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