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School of The Museum of Fine Arts

I worked at a student communications manager at the SMFA for a year. Over that year I designed posts, stories, posters and took photos for everything from instagram posts to internal communication.

These are a few projects I worked on in my time there.
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1. Instagram stories and GIFs and posts

I created posts, stories, GIFs and other social media material for official handles. cordinated with various departments of the school for information. I made sure that the images were meeting institutional standards but still had a handmade and creative feel to them, as to retain the focus on art making at the SMFA.  

2. Art Matters Day

This is a series for art matters day. The objective was to highlight why art matters to SMFA's students and faculty. This was one of the first projects I worked on.  I wanted to make something basic as well as make the SMFA social media more about the people who make the community at SMFA, rather than the institution.

siddhant talwar 2020