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Tufts Career Center

Working for the Career Center as a marketing  intern has been a really interesting journey.
I have had to make a new brand idenitity and  at the same time ensure every event had design that is completly distinct from it!

These are a few projects I worked on in my time there.
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1. Branding

I made a basic logotype that had the brand color of the center, afterwards I incorporated the university branding into it for external communication. I used the motto to make a textured material that is used in official assets like the social media profiles and standees and banners for events.

2. Career Fair Standees and Posters

I branded the bi-annual career fair at Tufts University.
I had to make signage that was clear, communicative and distinctly obvious.

My favourite designs were these standee designs that I made!

I also made overall branding which consisted of employer lists as well as social media material.

3. Posters

I also made posters for events and made Instagram stories and Facebook events for

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