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I want my work to move and change people and their perceptions.

As an artist whose work deals with identity and the pain that comes with it. I want to be able to bring the spectator into my position, make them face my pain and also heal along with me as they go through my art. I am not bound by any medium, as that would be too limiting. My work spans across photo, graphic art, fabrication, virtual reality, painting and blends disciplines together to best bring the person into my world. My work does have a heavy photographic and perhaps graphic influence, due to my deep interest in these areas. I repurpose realities captured by my camera and bring them into different forms. My documentary work deals with comfortable moments within an uncomfortable existence. My identity as a queer, gender non-conforming individual makes a lot of the spaces I live in violent and exclusionary, thus with my art I make spaces for those like me, claiming space for love in an otherwise hateful world.

Living and working between the States and India my work is also about home, finding new homes and how digital cultures shape my living. It also is oftentimes about the state’s atrocities and where the personal becomes political. Growing up with the internet also means that a lot of the work that I do have influences of digital technology and how we interact with it.

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I have been featured in publications like Vogue Italia, WomensWeb, Hyperallergic and W magazine.

I have exhibited at Tisch Library (2020), Polykhroma (2020), School of the Museum of Fine Arts (2020, 2019) and RSM Gallery (2018)

My work has been collected by the likes of The W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Library, Tisch Library and Ed Kinsella (Private Collection)


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