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this is my healing  (2019)

installation, 2019
tw : sexual assault
I have always talked about sexual assault but had never talked about my experiences with it.
I knew that some part of me was not dealing with it in the healthiest way, I realised I needed more hope. Thus, this is my healing was born.  An Installation that consists of an acrylic lightbox, five laser-cut hand mirrors, one wooden plate and a large print of a self portrait.

The Light box projects the words “This Is My Healing” Across the room while also lighting up the portrait. It acts like a beacon of hope, illuminating the room around the spectator which is otherwise pitch dark,

The portrait of me is large, almost 40 inches on the long side, it is meant to intimidate but also to alienate. I want the viewer to realise how much the pain was and how dehumanizing it felt. I want the viewer to know that I have power over the narrative now. 

That this is my healing. 

The mirrors are opposite to the portrait and viewers can pick up the hand mirrors and look back at the portrait and read the text that is etched onto the mirror.

This makes the viewer confront everything I couldn’t when I was sexually assaulted.

siddhant talwar 2020